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Double-Action Revolver Match Scores October 17, 2020

The October MSI Revolver Match saw twelve shooters for the main match, including several first-time participants and our first lady shooter, Beth Sanders.  This month’s match included one stage with smaller, more challenging targets and the increased level of difficulty was reflected in the scores.  Missed target penalties add up quickly.  Only one shooter made it through the course with no misses, new-comer Beth Sanders.  Had it not been for a series of ammo glitches, she would have scored very well.
We had eight shooters for the half-match (3 Stages) following the main match, including another first time, lady shooter, Gwen Maciel.  Our next match will be on November 21st.  Hope to see you all there.

5th Annual Veterans Day Trap Funshoot, Nov 8th 2020

on Sunday, Nov 8th, come on out for some fun and food at our 5th Annual Veterans Day Funshoot.  The entry fee is $20 and includes lunch – be sure to bring lots of ammo so that you can participate in all the games!  MSI is helping VFW Aux 2922 raise money to sponsor wreaths through Wreaths Across America, these will be placed at San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery on Dec 19th!

Long Rifles of the San Joaquin, Sept 12, 2020

Dear Long Rifles,

Nine shooters participated in our September shoot today in mild temperatures and no wind.  Mark Barley ran away with the match, scoring a 223-3, the highest posted by any shooter this year.  The results are set forth below, with the number of shoots in parentheses, up to a maximum of 6, following the YTD score:

Shooter Rifle Pistol Total YTD
Christie Abbott DNS 805-4 (6)
Tony Abbott 160-4 29 189-4 1145-9 (6)
Bob Barker DNS 214-1 (2)
Mark Barley 181-3 42 223-3 1118-5 (6)
Aubrey Campbell DNS 76 (1)
George Chesnut 111 22 133 757 (6)
Rudy Dezzani 102 6 108 548 (6)
Doug Echelberger 158 0 158 296 (2)
Jake Henderson 41 32 73 312 (4)
Larry Iwatate Score Not Reported
Fred Jones DNS 391 (2)
Arnold Jorge DNS 506 (3)
Joe Kroeze 137-1 29 166-1 1000-6 (6)
Brian Medler DNS 76 (1)
Terra Romero DNS 696-2 (6)
Jerry Smith 143 40 183 975-3 (6)
Kenny Wright DNS 81 (1)

After three quarters, the top 5 are as follows (highest six scores counted):

Tony Abbott       1145-9
Mark Barley        1118-5
Joe Kroeze          1000-6
Jerry Smith          975-3
Christie Abbott   805-4

The race for first tightened considerably this month, as did the contest for third.  It is all still in play.  Our next club shoot will be October 10.

Tony Abbott

LRSJ October 10 Shoot Results

Dear Long Rifles,

We had 13 shooters starting the match today in mild conditions, the best turnout of 2020.  Mark Barley won the match with a 164.  The results are set forth below, with the number of shoots in parentheses, up to a maximum of 6, following the YTD score:

Shooter Rifle Pistol Total YTD
Christie Abbott 85 44 129 824-3 (6)
Tony Abbott 121-1 40 161-9 1145-9 (6)
Bob Barker DNS 214-1 (2)
Mark Barley 127-1 37 164-1 1123-3 (6)
Aubrey Campbell DNS 76 (1)
George Chesnut 4 (did not finish) 0 4 757 (6)
Rudy Dezzani 84 0 84 597 (6)
Doug Echelberger 79 0 79 379 (3)
Jake Henderson 69 10 79 391 (5)
Larry Iwatate Score Not Reported
Fred Jones DNS 391 (2)
Arnold Jorge 121 30 151 657 (4)
Joe Kroeze 115-2 43 158-2 1027-6 (5)
Brian Medler DNS 76 (1)
Terra Romero 95-1 27 122-1 740-3 (6)
Jerry Smith 92 45 137 983 (6)
Kenny Wright 98 0 98 179 (2)

After 10 months, the top 5 are as follows (highest six scores counted):

Tony Abbott       1145-9
Mark Barley        1123-3
Joe Kroeze          1027-6
Jerry Smith          983
Christie Abbott   824-3

Our next monthly shoot is set for November 14.  That is the same weekend as the Yolla Bolly Rendezvous in Red Bluff, which as of today is still scheduled.   Christie and I plan to go to the Rondy unless, of course, it is canceled as all the others have been.  If I am not present, we will need someone to supervise the match.  Any volunteers?

Tony Abbott

Two Rivers Posse – Oct. 3, 2020

Hi cowboys and cowgirls,

Thanks to ya’ll who braved the smoky skies and came out to make em smokier.
We had a good match with scenarios written by Wolf Taylor. Four accurate shooters left the range with clean match pins today – Rum Walker, J.W Trader, Sintree Tulait, and the birthday boy Shenandoah, who had to endure our singing.

We’ll be at the range tomorrow for the wild bunch match. Our next cowboy match will be Sunday the 25th. See ya on the range.

Cowboy 10-03-2020

Two Rivers Posse – Sept. 27, 2020

Well pards, we had a good turnout today for our match. Thanks to everyone for coming out to play and for all the help on the range. I love the team work that makes this game work.

Congrats to Coyote Carson who was our fastest shooter today. We had several folks that shot the match clean – Coyote Carson, Badman Bob, Rum Walker, Doxie Mae Azwell, Dragon, and Highball Pendleton who was shooting only his 2nd cowboy match  Great job.

Our next cowboy match will be this coming up Saturday Oct 3rd, and wild bunch on Sunday. Please send me an email if you’re planning on coming to those matches.
See ya on the range.

Cowboy 09-27-2020

September Revolver Match Scores

MSI held it’s second Double Action Revolver Match on September 19th with 13 shooters completing the the initial six stage course.  One shooter had do drop out due to equipment problems.  Seven shooters participated in a second relay that consisted of three stages, several of them opting to use a different firearm from the first relay.
Many shooters who’s first experience with action shooting was the August match, showed significant improvement.
Click here for scores.
The next Double Action Revolver Match will be October 17th.
We continue to limit the matches to 20 participants, but are working to increase capacity.  Those interested should contact Mike Maciel at e-mail: or phone:  879-3148.

Manteca Sportsmen Club Meeting Oct 6, 2020

The following email was sent out to all membership on 9/28/2020, if we do not have your email on file, please let us know.

To all Members

Club status:

September 24, 2020

As we near the 1st of October, the decision was made to re-start our monthly members meetings.  Our first meeting will be on October 6, 2020 at 7:30 pm.  We will of course be following all Coronavirus guidelines. If you are ill or have been exposed to the virus, Please do not attend.  Masks are to be worn and we will be following all social distancing rules.

At this meeting we will begin nominations for officers and directors for the year 2021.

If you have completed your required work hours but have not yet been voted in, please plan to attend, so we can bring everything current.

I look forward to seeing you there.

 Thanks, Len.

First Ever Double Action Revolver Match – Aug 15, 2020

Here are the results of today’s first ever Double-Action Revolver Match at Manteca Sportmen Inc.  I want to thank all of the participants who endured grueling heat but never uttered a complaint.  We had some experienced “action shooters” but more importantly there were a number of participants who were trying something new.  A great deal was learned about guns, ammo and technique that will result in some much improved scores at (hopefully) the next match.
Special thanks to board members Joe Kroeze and Tony Abbott who participated but could not stay to finish the match (other MSI duties).   Thanks to all of you who shot today.  Hope to see you (and bring a friend) next month, under more comfortable conditions. A special shout out to Jack Watts and Bill Mather who helped both conceptually and physically to put this together.
-Mike Maciel