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First Ever Double Action Revolver Match – Aug 15, 2020

Here are the results of today’s first ever Double-Action Revolver Match at Manteca Sportmen Inc.  I want to thank all of the participants who endured grueling heat but never uttered a complaint.  We had some experienced “action shooters” but more importantly there were a number of participants who were trying something new.  A great deal was learned about guns, ammo and technique that will result in some much improved scores at (hopefully) the next match.
Special thanks to board members Joe Kroeze and Tony Abbott who participated but could not stay to finish the match (other MSI duties).   Thanks to all of you who shot today.  Hope to see you (and bring a friend) next month, under more comfortable conditions. A special shout out to Jack Watts and Bill Mather who helped both conceptually and physically to put this together.
-Mike Maciel

Two Rivers Posse – Sept 5, 2020

Howdy all,

Thanks to those who came out to play today. We welcomed 2 new cowboy shooters to the game. They both did well. It’s always good to see new folks come into the game. Congratulations to Dragon who was our only clean shooter today. We’ll be back out tomorrow for wild bunch. The next cowboy match will be Sunday Sept 27th.
Hope to see ya there.

Cowboy 09-05-2020

Two Rivers Posse – August 23, 2020

Hey cowboys and cowgirls,

Thanks for coming out to play today. We lucked out, the air cleared some and it wasn’t so hot. All in all it turned into a pretty nice morning for shooting. Congrats to Coyote Carson who was our top shooter for the day. Those shooting the match clean and getting a pin were Blaz N Bill, Shenandoah, Sintree Tulait, and myself.
Our next cowboy match will be Sept 5th and wild bunch will be on the 6th.
Good luck to you that are headed to our State Championship.  Make us proud !

Cowboy 08-23-2020