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Rifle Match Results – Jan. 3, 2021

Dear Rifle Shooters,

We had 6 shooters on what started as a foggy morning, but which cleared in time for the offhand stage.  The results over 50 shots, 500 points possible:

Shooter Standing Rapid Sitting Rapid Prone Slow Prone 1 Slow Prone 2 Total
Rick Barbano
M1A .308 Iron
73 76-1 76-1 62 77 354-2
Steve Fentress
P14 .303 iron
88 86 83 70 83 410
Mike Barbano
AR-15 .223 iron
41 59 21 31 50 202
Doug Epley
AR-15 .223 iron
68 86 50 65 59 328
Scott Barnes
AR-15 .223 scope
43 84 15 72 78-2 292-2
Verne  Taylor
AR-15 .223 scope
88-1 95 91-1 91 93 458-2

Our next shoot will be Sunday, February 7, at 9:00 a.m.

Tony Abbott

Long Rifles of the San Joaquin – Dec. 12, 2020

Dear Long Rifles,

We had 8 shooters today in cool wet conditions with some wind for our bowling match.  We had 8 lanes set up thanks to Jerry and Rudy, so each shooter had a lane.  The results are set forth below, with the number of shoots in parentheses, up to a maximum of 6, following the YTD score:

Shooter                                                Rifle                       Pistol                     Total                      YTD

Christie Abbott                                   158                          20                         178                        896-1  (6)

Tony Abbott                                        142                          40                         182                     1185-9  (6)

Bob Barker                                           DNS                                                                                    214-1  (2)

Mark Barley                                         152                         30                          182                     1176-6  (6)

Aubrey Campbell                                DNS                                                                                          76 (1)

George Chesnut                                  114                         20                          134                           825  (6)

Rudy Dezzani                                        DNS                                                                                      597  (6)

Doug Echelberger                                148                           0                          148                          676  (5)

Jake Henderson                                   DNS                                                                                       463  (6)

Larry Iwatate                                       Score not reported

Fred Jones                                            DNS                                                                                        548  (3)

Arnold Jorge                                        DNS                                                                                    851-2   (5)

Joe Kroeze                                           140                           40                         180                     1049-6  (6)

Brian Medler                                       DNS                                                                                          76  (1)

Terra Romero                                      DNS                                                                                    779-3  (6)

Jerry Smith                                          140                         40                            180                    1084-1  (6)

Kenny Wright                                      DNS                                                                                        179  (2)

The final 2020 scores  for the top 5 are as follows (highest six scores counted):

Tony Abbott       1185-9

Mark Barley        1176-6

Jerry Smith        1084-1

Joe Kroeze          1049-4

Christie Abbott   896-1

Each shooter with six shoots touched off 240 shots with the rifle and 60 shots with the pistol this year.  Mark grazed, but did not knock down, one of the bowling pins today worth 10 points, which would have put him in first place by a single point.  That is how close this was.  Of course, there were any number of shots throughout the year which could have been difference makers.   Thanks to everyone who helped us persevere through 2020 despite the Covid restrictions.   We hope to go forward with the Freezearse in January, and that will be on the agenda for the board meeting this Tuesday.  I will keep everyone informed.

Rudy confirms we will have a black powder cartridge match this Monday, December 14, starting at 8:00 a.m., for those interested.

If I do not see you Monday, best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Tony Abbott

Long Rifles of the San Joaquin – Nov 14, 2020

Dear Long Rifles,

We had 12 shooters starting the match yesterday in cool overcast conditions with some wind.  Thanks to Rudy for his creative targets.   Jerry Smith won the match with a 219.  The results are set forth below, with the number of shoots in parentheses, up to a maximum of 6, following the YTD score:

Shooter                                                Rifle                       Pistol                     Total                      YTD

Christie Abbott                                   110                          29                         139                        841-1  (6)

Tony Abbott                                        172-1                      33                          205-1                 1178-10 (6)

Bob Barker                                           DNS                                                                                    214-1  (2)

Mark Barley                                         155                         43                          198-3                  1158-6  (6)

Aubrey Campbell                                DNS                                                                                          76 (1)

George Chesnut                                  133                         38                          171                           812  (6)

Rudy Dezzani                                        37                            0                            37                           597  (6)

Doug Echelberger                               153                           0                            153                         528  (4)

Jake Henderson                                    72                           0                                                            463  (6)

Larry Iwatate                                       DNS

Fred Jones                                            157                          0                           157                         548  (3)

Arnold Jorge                                        152-2                       42                          194-2                  851-2   (5)

Joe Kroeze                                           124                           27                         151                     1027-6  (6)

Brian Medler                                       DNS                                                                                          76  (1)

Terra Romero                                     116                          30                            146                     779-3  (6)

Jerry Smith                                          183-1                      36                            219-1                1065-1  (6)

Kenny Wright                                      DNS                                                                                        179  (2)

After 11 months, the top 5 are as follows (highest six scores counted):

Tony Abbott       1178-10

Mark Barley        1158-6

Jerry Smith         1065-1

Joe Kroeze          1027-6

Arnold Jorge       851-2 (5 shoots)

As you can see, Jerry Smith moved past Joe Kroeze into third place on the strength of an outstanding shoot combined with a low throw-out score.  Our last monthly shoot for 2020 is set for December 12.  In past years we have done team bowling with muzzleloaders, but we will have to inventory the pins to be sure we have at least 6 sets which will stand up.  If anyone has alternative suggestions, let me know.   In the past, December has also been the month for our potluck dinner, but we will have to take a wait and see on this due to the Covid drama.

Tony Abbott

Double-Action Revolver Match – Jan. 16, 2021

It was about as nice a day that you could ask for in January.  With 21 shooters we had our largest turnout ever, with a couple of first time participants.  Many of the shooters have show significant improvement and most folks are resolving ammo glitches that have been a problem.  One curve-ball we threw at the participants was that stages 5 & 6 were shot one-handed.  Today our numbers were large enough that be had two separate groups using different stages.  Thanks to Tony Abbott and John Swan for taking on R/O duties that allowed us to have two groups.  As usual it looked like everyone enjoyed the match.  Out next match will be February 20th.  Hope to see you there.

Double Action 01-16-2021

Wild Bunch – Jan. 3, 2021

Howdy all,
We had 8 brave folks that fought through the fog to get to the range today and shoot Wild Bunch. Good stages by Wolf Taylor and as usual, a fun time was had by all.
Congrats to Gopher Broke for winning the match.
Again, a huge thank you to everyone who pitched in to help move targets yesterday and today to clear the range. All the help was greatly appreciated.
Our next Wild Bunch match will be Feb 7th.

01-03-2021 Wild Bunch

Two Rivers Posse – Jan. 2, 2021

Attached are the scores from our first match of 2021.
In spite of a chilly morning, we had 19 competitors, with Wolf Taylor and Molly Magoo as the top men’s and women’s shooters respectively.  J.W. Trader, Dragon and Bobcat Bill (returning after a long absence) were the only Cowboys to earn Clean Match pins.  The full rainbow at day-break was good sign for them.
Special thanks to Bobcat Bill, Dakota Gwen, Dragon, J.W. Trader, Molly Magoo and Rum Walker for their help in setting up today’s match and to all who helped move steel after match to accommodate next weekend’s Freeze Arse Rendezvous Trail Walk Match.
Our next match is scheduled for January 24th.  Hope to see you all then.
Cowboy 01-02-2021

Tow Rivers Posse – Dec. 27, 2020

Howdy ya’ll,
We had a good turnout today. It turned into a beautiful sunny day and didn’t even have any wind. Good way to end the year. We had quite a few shooters that went home with clean match pins – Cardoso Kid, Rum Walker, J.W. Trader, Wobblin Bob, Sintree Tulait, Shenandoah, Dragon, and German Jim. Good shooting boys.
I’d like to give another BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has been donating their brass cartridges and spent primers. We made another run to the recyclers, and finally had enough saved to order 18 new AR500 targets for the range. It all added up and helped out our club quite a bit. Donations still being accepted and greatly appreciated.
Our next cowboy match will be Saturday the 2nd, and Wild Bunch on the 3rd.
I wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Cowboy 12-27-2020

Double-Action Revolver Match – Dec. 19, 2020

Attached are the scores form today’s match.
It was a chilly start but turned out to be a pleasant day for 14 shooters, half of whom shot the match in the “Big Bore” category.  Roger Beckler was a our only first time competitor with his .44 S&W.
Smaller targets presented a challenge and slowed times a bit.  The scores are a presented in a new format, similar to what we use for our SASS matches.  See you all on January 16th.
2020-Double Action Scores 12-19

Two Rivers Posse – Dec 5, 2020

Howdy all,
In spite of it starting out a bit chilly this morning, it turned into a beautiful sunny day to shoot. Welcome back to Wobblin Bob who has missed the last 5 months due to shoulder surgery. He shot the last half of the match with 4 revolvers instead of using a rifle and did great, even shot the match clean, along with Twisted Dog, Shenandoah, and myself. We’ll be back at the range tomorrow for wild bunch.
We spoke to Mudville this morning and he is at home and doing well after his surgery. Slowly getting better.
I hope everyone has a nice Christmas. Our next cowboy match will be Sunday the 27th.
Stay safe.

Cowboy 12-05-2020