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Wild Bunch – Jan. 3, 2021

Howdy all,
We had 8 brave folks that fought through the fog to get to the range today and shoot Wild Bunch. Good stages by Wolf Taylor and as usual, a fun time was had by all.
Congrats to Gopher Broke for winning the match.
Again, a huge thank you to everyone who pitched in to help move targets yesterday and today to clear the range. All the help was greatly appreciated.
Our next Wild Bunch match will be Feb 7th.

01-03-2021 Wild Bunch

Two Rivers Posse – Jan. 2, 2021

Attached are the scores from our first match of 2021.
In spite of a chilly morning, we had 19 competitors, with Wolf Taylor and Molly Magoo as the top men’s and women’s shooters respectively.  J.W. Trader, Dragon and Bobcat Bill (returning after a long absence) were the only Cowboys to earn Clean Match pins.  The full rainbow at day-break was good sign for them.
Special thanks to Bobcat Bill, Dakota Gwen, Dragon, J.W. Trader, Molly Magoo and Rum Walker for their help in setting up today’s match and to all who helped move steel after match to accommodate next weekend’s Freeze Arse Rendezvous Trail Walk Match.
Our next match is scheduled for January 24th.  Hope to see you all then.

Tow Rivers Posse – Dec. 27, 2020

Howdy ya’ll,
We had a good turnout today. It turned into a beautiful sunny day and didn’t even have any wind. Good way to end the year. We had quite a few shooters that went home with clean match pins – Cardoso Kid, Rum Walker, J.W. Trader, Wobblin Bob, Sintree Tulait, Shenandoah, Dragon, and German Jim. Good shooting boys.
I’d like to give another BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has been donating their brass cartridges and spent primers. We made another run to the recyclers, and finally had enough saved to order 18 new AR500 targets for the range. It all added up and helped out our club quite a bit. Donations still being accepted and greatly appreciated.
Our next cowboy match will be Saturday the 2nd, and Wild Bunch on the 3rd.
I wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Cowboy 12-27-2020

Two Rivers Posse – Dec 5, 2020

Howdy all,
In spite of it starting out a bit chilly this morning, it turned into a beautiful sunny day to shoot. Welcome back to Wobblin Bob who has missed the last 5 months due to shoulder surgery. He shot the last half of the match with 4 revolvers instead of using a rifle and did great, even shot the match clean, along with Twisted Dog, Shenandoah, and myself. We’ll be back at the range tomorrow for wild bunch.
We spoke to Mudville this morning and he is at home and doing well after his surgery. Slowly getting better.
I hope everyone has a nice Christmas. Our next cowboy match will be Sunday the 27th.
Stay safe.

Cowboy 12-05-2020

Two Rivers Posse – Wild Bunch Updates/Reminders (Nov 2020)

Hey Pards,
I’ve got a few things to cover this time…
First I want to remind everyone that we are shooting this weekend. Cowboy on Saturday, and Wild Bunch on Sunday. If you are able to come play please send me an email with your alias and category. Remember to bring your own pen and exact change. With Covid numbers rising we need to be extra vigilant about distancing, hand washing and trying not to touch more surfaces than you have to. Wear masks if you’re more comfortable when on the range.
I will also start accepting dues for Two Rivers Posse 2021 membership this weekend. We are keeping the fee schedule the same as it has been – $25 for individuals, and $40 for families. The monthly shoots are $10 for members and $15 for non-members. It doesn’t take long for that to pay off. Again – exact change please or a check made out to MSI will be fine.
As many of you already know, Rum Walker and I are resigning as match directors at the end of the year. We’ve been doing it for 8 years now and it’s been a good run but it’s time for fresh horses. We’re passing off the reins. Sintree Tulait has graciously stepped up to take over for the cowboy matches, as has Wolf Taylor for the wild bunch matches. Dragon will remain club president. We’ll still be around to help out and I’m sure the transition will go smooth. I’m sure they’d both appreciate whatever help can be offered if you think of a way you might be able to step up and give a hand.
Last.. Manteca Sportsmen was supposed to hold it’s regular monthly membership meeting tomorrow night with the elections for the club officers and board members. Due to Covid we can’t have that large a group meeting indoors so it has been rescheduled for Sunday January 3rd at 11am on the grass outside the old clubhouse. If you’re a MSI member please plan to attend and vote.
That’s all for now folks. Hope to see ya soon.
Molly Magoo

Two Rivers Posse – Nov. 22, 2020

Howdy all,
Here are the scores from yesterday’s match. Sorry for the delay in getting them out, Rum and I were up at Sac Valley Shooting Center for the Ca State Wild Bunch championship
(great match, if you get a chance you should try to attend next year).
Congrats to J.W. Trader who was the top shooter, and to Sintree Tulait and Shenandoah for shooting the match clean. Our next cowboy match will be Saturday Dec 5th.
I hope everyone has a nice and safe Thanksgiving.

Cowboy 11-22-2020

Wild Bunch – Nov. 8, 2020

Hi cowboys and cowgirls,
Well it was quite the windy day at the range. We had to cinch down our hats and anchor all the rugs and saddle blankets. Except for a bit of grit in our smiles, we had a fun day. Congrats to Southpaw Gringo who was our top shooter for the day. None of us managed a clean match although Southpaw and Shenandoah came real close. Our next Wild Bunch match will be Sunday Dec 6th. Hope to see ya then.

11-08-2020 Wild Bunch

Two Rivers Posse – Nov. 7, 2020

Howdy everyone,
Thanks to all who came out to play today We had a great day at the range, a nice change in the weather that actually showed promise of fall/winter.  A big welcome to Tequila Kev who shot his 1st cowboy match today.
We had 4 shooters that shot the match clean – Highball Pendleton, Sintree Tulait, Shenandoah, and Dragon.  Good job guys.
We’ll be back out tomorrow for Wild Bunch. If ya wanna come shoot and haven’t signed up, just let me know.. There’s room for ya.
Our next cowboy match will be Sunday the 22nd. Rum Walker and I won’t be there, but Dragon will be running the match and handling advance registration. If you plan on attending that match please email him at williammather@com with your alias and category. Thanks.

Cowboy 11-07-2020

Two Rivers Posse – Oct. 25, 2020

Howdy all,
Thanks to all the folks who came and joined us at the range today. It was sure nice to have the cooler weather, it actually felt like fall. Congrats to Deadeye Maverick who was the overall winner and Not So Deadeye Maverick who was the top lady shooter. They were visiting from S. Ca and joined us for our match.
Clean match pins went to Rum Walker, Southpaw Gringo, Dragon, Twisted Dog, and Two Dogs Grant. Good shooting guys.
Our next cowboy match will be Sat Nov 7th and wild bunch will be on the 8th.
Don’t forget to vote !!
On that note, elections for Manteca Sportsmen Inc officers and board of directors is also on Dec 1st at the general meeting.  The meeting starts at 730 at the main clubhouse. Those of you who are MSI members should plan to attend and vote. We currently have 2 cowboy shooters on the board and doing a great job. They also are active in other areas of the club. We would like to see them continue in their positions. It’s great to have our venue represented on the board.
Hope to see ya out on the range soon.

Cowboy 10-25-2020